Black Trans Alliance was founded in June 2020 as a non-profit grassroots organisation to support black transgender and non-binary people in London.  

Black trans and non-binary people endure profound discrimination and outright attacks for simply existing as their authentic selves. From policy rollbacks to physical violence, our community continues fighting daily battles for dignity and survival while largely invisible in the wider society. It is time to change the narrative. Your donation empowers Black Trans Alliance to amplify voices, provide vital support, and advocate for equity now.

The struggles are real and ongoing. "41% of trans people suffered hate crimes in the past year while 64% endured bullying in school for their gender expression" (Stonewall LGBT in Britain - Trans Report 2018). Hostility also lives in halls of power with political attempts to strip hard-won rights.

Essential care remains out of reach for many, with waits upwards of three years to access gender-affirming health services. Safe, affordable housing and jobs still evade far too many black trans individuals.

As a black, queer and trans-led organisation we are building the long-term solutions for our community centred on peer support, education, crisis services and elevating authentic storytelling.

Your contribution helps fund:

  • Peer counselling

  • Inclusive safe spaces

  • Hardship assistance

  • Platforms to empower black trans voices

'Black Trans Alliance is committed to supporting, protecting and amplifying the voice of black tran people in London and the wider community; through advocacy, education, visibility and empowerment.' 

The time is now - stand with the black trans community. Your donation affirms that #BlackTransLivesMatter when so many fail to show up for this marginalised group.