Your help is needed more than ever as many black trans and non-binary people to turn to Black Trans Alliance for support with everyday living: 

  • Food

  • Rent

  • Bills (utility, mobile, medical)

  • Transportation 

As a result of the sharp rise in the cost of living, we are having to re-direct our 'Hardship Fund' to provide short term support to Black Trans people currently living in London who are being disproportionately affected emotionally, physically, and financially by the inequalities.

The funds will go directly to support housing, utilities, food and meds.

Black Trans people already sit at the bottom end of marginalization within our society and have been uniquely affected by the pandemic in several ways, including risk of exposure to the virus and its adverse outcomes, delays in access to gender-affirming care, and diminished access to social support, which is crucial to protecting against the effects of stigma and discrimination.

We cannot fail to acknowledge the fact that Black Trans People also face an inequality in healthcare due to lack of knowledge and understanding of Trans health issues by healthcare professionals, the negative attitudes that many healthcare professionals display,  and in general the overall transphobic behaviour in UK health services.  

At this time, we want to ensure that Black Trans people have the support so that they do not suffer any further disproportionate economic inequities.

Your support is needed in helping us to build our 'Hardship Fund', please donate today.

£1, £5, £10, no matter the amount, we will ensure that funds gets directly into the hands of those black trans people that are in need.