"We cannot let black trans people be pushed further beyond the boundaries of marginalisation"


Peer to Peer Support

Peer-to-Peer support is a key element of our services. We believe that it is powerful as it enables people to share their experiences, challenges and support each other as equals.


Author: Will Rossi

Apply to volunteer

Uplift black trans people volunteering in London for this advocacy and support organisation. Gain skills in marketing, tech, organising - trade talents to fundraise and lift voices.


Author: Will Rossi

Share your story

No one can tell your story but you. So tell us: What are some of the joyful moments in your life? Or do you have another defining story you want to share?


Author: Will Rossi

Trans Life


have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity.


of trans employees have been physically attacked by colleagues or customers. 


of trans people who are out to their family, aren’t supported by any of their family members.

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