Again we have to share the news of another trans sibling that we have lost in the US to an act of violence.

Minneapolis authorities remain engaged in an active investigation into the death of Savannah Ryan Williams, a 38-year-old trans woman who was discovered dead from a single gunshot wound last Tuesday morning. According to statements provided to police, the prime suspect - Damarean Kaylon Bible, age 25 - admitted to shooting Williams just minutes after the two had engaged in a sexual act in a nearby courtyard.

Video surveillance footage enabled investigators to place both Bible and Williams entering the courtyard area shortly before dawn that day. Around 20 minutes afterwards, Bible is visible on camera departing the scene alone. The recording also captured the sound of a gunshot during the time the pair were together in the courtyard.

Officials report that Bible initially denied any role in Williams' death when questioned. However, when presented with surveillance images showing his presence with the victim that morning, Bible conceded that he had shot her at point blank range just after she finished performing oral sex at his request. While an alleged motive remains unclear, Bible speculated that he acted out of an unspecified "suspicion" towards Williams.

In a later phone conversation with his parents, Bible purportedly confessed plainly to "murdering someone" but expressed regret at feeling he "had to do it."

Formal charges have been filed against Bible including second-degree homicide.