If someone hurts or harms you because of prejudice, it's called a hate crime. Hate crimes include things like:

  • Hitting, beating or physically attacking someone
  • Yelling insults or threats
  • Damaging someone's property on purpose
  • Bullying or harassing someone online or in person

You should report hate crimes to the police. This helps the police know to handle it differently. There are safe ways to report it, even if you want to stay anonymous. You can submit a report online or have someone else report it for you.

Reporting it as a hate crime means the police will do special things like:

  • Take it more seriously
  • Get victim support services to help you
  • Try to prevent it from happening again

You don't have to handle hate crimes alone. There are many people ready to help support victims of hate crimes and prejudice. Please consider reporting it even if you want to remain anonymous. Reporting helps stop more hate crimes.