Dr Sarah Gill, a Pakistani activist, has made history by becoming Pakistan’s first transgender doctor.  Dr Gill who is 23, has been described as a “beacon of hope” for the country’s neglected transgender community to pursue their dreams.

Dr. Gill who studied at Jinnah Medical and Dental College stated that "although her classmates knew her identity, she had to identify herself as a male on the college admission form because of her parents' insistence".

“Being transgender, I faced many serious problems in my education but I never lost my courage,” she said. “I would ask all transgender persons to come forward in the field of education,” she added. “I have worked really hard to become a doctor. With hard work and dedication everything can be achieved.”

She also stated “I am proud to be Pakistan’s first [transgender] doctor. I will work for the welfare of my community,”“No one can stop you from achieving something if you’re passionate about it. There are difficulties in life. I wanted to make Pakistan famous.”