In Memoriam

A memorial space for black trans people who have been loss to violence, accidents or self-harm. Read more

Safe Spaces

Black Trans Alliance safe spaces let black trans and non-binary people access community, support and freedom to express themselves without fear of judgment or intolerance - be fully seen. Read more

Black Trans Podcasts

A list of suggested trans and queer black podcasts. Read more

Corporate Support - Social Impact Partnerships

Black Trans Alliance collaborates in corporate partnerships to support the vital work that we do. Read more


Find information on access to counselling services - Counsellors, Psychologist's and Psychotherapist. Read more

Health Corner

Find information and access to healthcare organisations in the UK for trans people. Read more


Read more

Black Lives Matter

Black Trans Alliance stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matters Movement. Read more

Apply to volunteer

Uplift black trans people volunteering in London for this advocacy and support organisation. Gain skills in marketing, tech, organising - trade talents to fundraise and lift voices. Read more

Why volunteer

Bring your passion for justice by volunteering with Black Trans Alliance. Uplift black trans lives through impactful work in activism, outreach and community building. Let your talents drive change. Read more

Campaign for us

We use our campaigning to give a voice to black trans people and to influence real policy change. All of our campaigning work is influenced by what black trans people tell us they want to see change. Learn about our current campaigns and see how you can get involved. Read more

Become a member

By becoming a member, you are joining an organisation committed to supporting and improving the lives of black trans people in London. Read more

Elevation of Black Trans Voices

Black Trans Alliance spotlights resilient stories through films and media amplifying voices long left unheard - our platforms celebrate the creativity pouring from a community enduring ongoing efforts to erase their humanity. Out of struggle, truth and beauty. Read more

The Difference We Make

Learn how the work that Black Alliance does makes a difference. Read more

Community Ally Program

Become a compassionate, empowered ally to black trans people through education on trans experiences, advocacy, and intersectional justice issues. Commit to lifelong solidarity. Read more

Advice and Information

General advice and information for black trans people, their friends and family. Read more


Telephone helpline for black trans people. Read more

Peer to Peer Support

Peer-to-Peer support is a key element of our services. We believe that it is powerful as it enables people to share their experiences, challenges and support each other as equals. Read more

Our Team

Meet the Executive Team leading Black Trans Alliance. Read more

What We Do

Learn about the work that Black Trans Alliance does. Read more